Does Angela Collette from FNL look familiar? As a part-time character on the show, she raised a stripper-turned-mother-of-two (Mindy) and a look-like-your-heading-nowhere-and-suddenly-running-for- class-president (Tyra). And then there was that affair with her boss, Buddy Garrity…

So…where do I know her from…?

Was it the 1985 film, “Fletch”, starring opposite Chevy Chase? Yes! That’s Dana Wheeler-Nicholson playing the wife of antagonist, Alan Stanwyk. She plays a lot of tennis at the country club while her husband plots his own death. As fans of the film will recall, she and Irwin ‘Fletch’ Fletcher ordered the pair an expensive bottle of champagne, which Fletch charged to “The Underhills”. Hilarious.

She still looks fantastic. Dana has appeared in nearly 50 films and television series ranging from All My Children to Tombstone. For her role as Angela Collette in Friday Night Lights, she was easy to write into the script. The lifelong New Yorker currently makes her home in Austin, Texas.

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