It doesn’t look like Friday Night Lights fans will get a chance to see Adrianne Palicki  (who played Tyra Collette) don Wonder Woman’s bulletproof bracelets or swing her Lasso of Truth on TV this fall. Unfortunately, some have pointed teh finger of blame for the demise of Wonder Woman’s TV reboot at fan reaction to the character’s updated costume. Right or wrong, perhaps if producers remained closer to Wonder Woman’s original costume – or simply kept Adrianne Palicki’s wardrobe from Friday Night Lights – things might have turned out differently for the Amazonian princess. Fans, however, have the opportunity to own the would-be Wonder Woman’s wardrobe from her tenure on Friday Night Lights, including the jersey pictured above, which Palicki wore on-screen during the second season episode “Leave no One Behind.” Place your bid on this – or other amazing Friday Night Lights props ranging from screen-used hats and trophies to game balls – at VIP Fan Auctions.