Sylvester Stallone had fought his way back to drama in Creed. Recently, while accepting a Critics Choice award for supporting actor, Stallone looked out at the crowd and mumbled, “Oh, my god,” as they collectively rose and gave him a standing ovation. It was a great moment to capture because it shows how humble he truly is. He never thought at 69 years old that he would be accepting this award and is very grateful for all the people that have been rooting for him his whole career. What brought the audience to their feet was the fact that in his 40-year plus career he has box office hits and some lows, but now he is back on the upswing again. Moreover, he may have perhaps just given his most nuanced performance of his career and outside of the action genre he thought he would be confined to for the rest of his working life.

He spent 2 ½ years resisting the young Creed writer-director Ryan Coogler’s idea of a Rocky revival, believing in his own words that it would be “a surefire disaster.” He couldn’t of been more wrong and quite happy he took a chance on it. Now he can add this as a bright spot in his storied career. In his own words Stallone said, “What happened with Creed is nothing short of miraculous. I thought I finally paid tribute to the character that made me [with ‘Rocky Balboa’ in 2006]. Then years later, facing an avalanche of criticism — ‘what? Rocky again?’ — this kid pulls it off.” Though when it’s discussed in the trades Creed 2 sounds like a done deal, Stallone sounds iffy when asked about it. We will watch this closely, but we hope he has a role in the sequel.