Okay, how did we do? We made the questions pretty tough and encompassing all five seasons, the movie and the book. At long last…drum roll, please…here are the answers…

1. The only two characters to play in both the film and television versions of ‘Friday Night Lights’ are Brad Leland and Connie Britton. Leland played booster John Aubrey, while Britton played Coach Gary Gaines wife, Sharon.

2. Billy Bob Thornton played Panthers coach, Gary Gaines, in the film.

3. Zach Gilford didn’t play quarterback at prestigious Northwestern University, but did major in theater.

4. Brian “Smash” Williams wore jersey number 20.

5. Permian High School is located in Odessa, Texas.

6. Brad Leland played football at Plano High School near Dallas. Although Leland had suffered a knee injury, his team won a state championship.

7. Brad McKinney played Julie’s TA, Derek Bishop, at Burlison University. He is now in a national tv ad for home improvement giant, Lowe’s.

8. Tami’s ex-boyfriend was played by none other than, FNL creator, Peter Berg.

9. Landry Clarke’s garage band is named, ‘Crucifictorius’.

10. Former Chicago Bears wide receiver (and Olympic sprinter) Willie Gault appeared in 11 episodes as television reporter, Patrick Massett.

11. LaMarcus Tinker, who plays Dallas Tinker, was discovered by Peter Berg while in Austin supporting two friends auditioning as extras.

12. Gary Hobson in the CBS show, ‘Early Edition’, was played by Kyle Chandler.

13. The book, ‘Friday Night Lights’, was written by H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger.

14. The Dillon Panthers defeated the West Cambria Mustangs in the state championship game (the final episode of Season 1).

15. Grandma Saracen’s favorite cookies are a generic version of the vanilla sandwich cookie. The box looks suspiciously like Snackwells.

16. Coach Taylor’s offensive coordinator was Mac McGill.

17. Tyra Collette was coaxed into playing volleyball by new coach Tami Taylor.

18. Jess Meriweather’s aunt is known as, “Aunt Bird”.

19. Matt Saracen slinged burgers and ice cream at the Alamo Freeze.

20. The Panthers play their home games at Herrmann Field.

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