24: Legacy

24: Legacy is just around the corner, folks, and we here at VIP could not be more excited. This classic action-drama has been on hiatus for a couple years, but the revamp is one of the most anticipated in the history of television. Legacy is being characterized as “the next generation of the classic FOX adventure drama”.Even if you missed any of the action in the seasons leading up to 24: Legacy, you will still be able to follow the new story. The season is meant to stand on its own.

For long-time fans, however, there will be several details that only you will pick up on. A handful of old characters will be making their way back into the storyline.  Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins) will be taking over for the legendary Jack Bauer. This young star has been turning a lot of heads lately as he gears up for this new role. Hawkins has some big shoes to fill, but all reports have come back with nothing but good things to say.

24 returns to FOX on February 5th, immediately following the Super Bowl.

Buckle up, you won’t want to miss this!