Only a month and a half left before 24: Live Another Day airs on Fox. The anticipation grows more and more every week. Fox put this countdown up on their site, displayed in the way we all knew they would.

It’s pretty amazing how quickly the air date is approaching. I know for me the idea of 24 coming back seemed like nothing more than the world’s biggest tease. Movies and mini-series rumors seemed to start every day for months and then disappear as quickly as they came. This time it’s real folks.

Kiefer Sutherland is undoubtedly excited to step back into the shoes that made him so recognizable. It’s hard to imagine anyone who could play Jack Bauer better than him.

The crew has been spotted all over London filming the miniseries. Fox has done a great job keeping anything and everything about the plot off the mainstream. Their succession of 10-15 second teaser trailers created a lot of buzz, yet all we really saw were smoke, ashes and sirens.

Mary Lynn Rajskub is back as well, one of a very short list of characters who has appeared anywhere close to as much as Kiefer. In the short amount of footage that we’ve seen I think she’s already worn that classic Chloe scowl that we all know and love.

The 12 episode miniseries premieres on May 5th, only on Fox.

Check out all the featured videos at the official 24: Live Another Day site.