VIP Fan Auctions is proud to be able to offer Samurai Costumes from the movie ’47 Ronin’ for auction at over the next several weeks. There will be new items offered every week including the Kira Samaruai, Shogun Samurai and Asano Samurai warriors costumes.

While unpacking the costumes at VIP we were excited to see how beautifully crafted they were with their indicate detail, rich bold colors and fluid fabrics. The Samurai costumes are composed of many layers and parts that have to be placed together just so to make the costume match those seen in the movie. There were over 998 costumes and 400 suits of armor created for the film designed by Penny Rose, who is also known for her work Pirates of the Caribbean.

We found this great interview with Penny Rose at where she talks about the colors choices that made up the Samurai costumes in the film. Rose explains, “That was a kind of Carl, Strove, Scott decision, that we would give them all a color identity and then when they were fighting we would know who was who. So it just seemed obvious so make the Shogun gold. He’s a god like figure. The acko red, which is.. you know, everything is abundant and floral and pretty and purple black for the villains. There’s no secret to it. It’s kind of a cheap trick.” She also goes on to talk about her inspiration for the costumes, working with CGI and the actors on the set. Read the full interview here.

Here are some behind the scene images of the costumes from ’47 Ronin’.