The aquila (eagle) is a prize of the Roman military to be protected at all costs. Carried into battle by the legion’s aquilifer, the standard consists of an eagle statue atop a long staff (pictured above) – and even if lost in battle, Romans would go to great lengths to retrieve it, even if it took years. Spartacus’s rebels defeated 14 legions during the rebellion and collected 12 aquilas as spoils of victory (Crassus retrieved the other two). Now fans of the Starz epic have an opportunity to claim one of these coveted pieces of battle as their own. VIP Fan Auctions is offering a screen-used aquila – which sits atop a staff that measures more than eight feet long – that was featured during War of the Damned. Don’t miss your chance to capture the Aquila! Click here for photos of the piece and for important details about this amazing prop created for the series by the Spartacus props department.