Modern Family’s second-season Halloween episode became an instant classic as Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), hoping to impress his boss, wears a Spider-Man costume to his new job. When he discovers that no one else in the firm (at least no one he would want to impress) is dressing for the season, he makes a hilarious dash to the restroom to slip on his suit without revealing his web-slinging secret identity. When his suit winds up in the toilet, Mitchell embraces his inner wall crawler to make a hasty exit down the side of the building – but his escape is anything but smooth (or discreet). Fans of Modern Family – or Spider-Man – now have the opportunity to bid on the infamous costume Mitchell wears in the episode. But if your spider-sense is tingling, that’s because the auction ends in less than 24 hours – so click here now to see photos of the costume and to get in on the bidding before it’s too late!