Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) is a man of many attachments. Since lopping off his possessed hand, he has covered his stump with a chainsaw, gauntlets and even a razor blade. VIP Fan Auctions is giving Evil Dead fans a chance to slip into one of Ash’s attachments by offering his screen-used Power Glove (and “glove” stand) featured in multiple episodes of Ash vs. Evil Dead (pictured). The glove is perfect for gripping, clenching and for resting your cheek when contemplating your own mortality – and it has a movable switch that lights up red when engaged (click here for photos and more information). Let’s just say that Thanos would be jealous of this glove – imagine how your fellow Ash vs. Evil Dead fans will feel when you wear it to the next viewing party. Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of horror history worn by one of the greatest characters ever imagined. Click here to get in on the bidding for Ash’s Power Glove today!