As per usual, American Horror Story is off to a great, and creepy start. They are also promoting a larger message, which seems to be a theme of theirs throughout the years. This season it has to do with feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Everyone is different and everyone has his or her past. Some characters, like Twisty, are so despicable that it’s hard to imagine ever having sympathy for him. Yet when we learn his backstory, incremental thoughts of maybe feeling a little bad for him begin to creep into our heads.

Obviously a freak show is about the extreme of this in the real world. Physical and mental deformities can be difficult to come to terms with. AHS is just trying to remind us all that there’s often more to it than meets the eye.

If you follow our blog you may have seen some other posts and videos introducing us to actors on the show who actually have the physical deformity perceived on TV. It’s amazing hearing them talk about their lives and how they have learned to accept who they are.

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