ahsFreakShowAmerican Horror Story season four will reportedly feature a “freak show” as the main focus. We’ve already seen such typical horror themes as haunted houses, insane asylums, and witches, but this new idea seems a little more “out there”.

Initially it begged the question “what exactly is a freak show?” After a little digging around I came across enough information to confirm that this may in fact be the most creative, twisted and interesting season of the show yet.

At the most basic level a freak show is a collection of people with physical deformities, extraordinary diseases, stunted or uncontrolled growth, unusual talents, etc… Freak shows were first popular in 16th century England and have now expanded in modern day. Performers like Chris Angel and David Blaine have blended freak show-esque talents with illusion and network television shows like Ripley’s Believe it or Not are all governed by the same principles.

If we look at some of the things AHS was able to do with a simple haunted house, imagine what they could do with a freak show driving the plot.
And with actresses like Jessica Lange and Evan Peters coming back, along with the addition of Michale Chiklis fans should be very excited about what’s to come.