Stevie Nicks has made her way onto American Horror Story, now in more ways than one. On Wednesday, January 8, Nicks will appear on screen in an episode appropriately titled “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”. Throughout the season, 8 of her songs show up at one point or another. Many have noticed Lily Rabe’s character practically obsessed with Nick’s and her music but what is less known is series co-creator Ryan Murphy approached Nicks before season saying that her music was perfect for the show and seeking permission to use it. Murphy claims Coven is a metaphor for any minority group in the country who feels alone and somehow uses that as his justification for reaching out to Nicks.

It’s all just as random as it sounds, but isn’t that perfectly in the spirit of American Horror Story? Somehow the creators have worked Stevie Nicks into the show so be on the look out this week. She is supposed to sing with Lily Rabe, and who know what other surprises are in store. Catch her this Wednesday, only on FX.