Michael Chiklis in American Horror Story

At the Critic’s Choice Awards, American Horror Story creator, Ryan Murphy, may have accidentally, or otherwise, revealed another small detail about the upcoming season.

Up until Sarah Paulson’s “heady” reveal a couple of weeks ago on Twitter, there was very little detail coming out for AHS. In the interview at the CCA’s Murphy was asked about The Shield star Michael Chiklis. Murphy didn’t give much but he did say Chiklis would be playing “…a strong man who’s married to Angela Bassett…”.

Strongman you say? Sounds like something that could fit right into a freak show. That’s not to say of course that if you’re strong and you’re a man that you’re a freak. But dating back to the late 19th century (and further) a man possessing an unnatural level of strength would have been a prime candidate for one of these shows.