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One of the greatest action film franchises of all-time focuses on a swashbuckling archaeology professor who has faced Nazis, KGB, witch doctors and, of course, snakes. Indiana Jones (played by Harrison Ford) is slated to return for a fifth film next year, but VIP Fan Auctions is offering fans an opportunity to claim a treasure from the past right now in the form of a screen-used prop 1911 Colt pistol featured in 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (click here for photos and more information). The pistol, carried by Col. Dovchenko (Igor Jijikine) as he impersonated U.S. Colonel Truman in the film, is framed and labeled and available to the Indiana Jones fan who casts the winning bid. Click here to join the bidding today – and visit VIP’s 2021 Fall Entertainment Memorabilia Auction’s armory page for additional weapons featured on-screen in a variety of series and films!