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A meet-cute in art class leads to a high school romance for the ages between Kelsa (Eva Reign) and Kahl (Abubakr Ali) in Anything’s Possible (now streaming on Amazon Prime Video). When the couple-to-be are assigned to paint portraits of each other, the finished pieces are as colorful and vibrant as the movie itself – and VIP Fan Auctions is offering the paintings of both Kahl (click here for photos and more information) and Eva (click here) that they exchange after class. Each portrait (pictured) is painted on a 26-in by 18-in canvas and is available to the fan who casts the winning bid. To be fair, Khal shows a bit more promise as an artist than Eva, but both pieces will brighten a room and are distinct pieces of this groundbreaking movie! Visit the Anything’s Possible auction page today to see all the available wardrobe, props, jewelry, artwork and more, but don’t delay – these auctions are ending soon!