Condor’s Deacon Mailer (Angel Bonnani) is a assassin with a very particular set of skills. The former Special Forces soldier was once captured and tortured by terrorists, which fuels his actions for covert, off-the-books deadly CIA missions. Costumes are often a tool of his trade (along with firearms, explosives and other implements of destruction), and VIP Fan Auctions is offering several of his memorable disguises worn during the first season of Condor. The thobe, pants, headpiece and sandals (pictured) he wears during the third episode to blend in during a mission to the Middle East is currently available to the Condor fan who places the winning bid (click here for photos and more information), while his Dickies shirt and pants, John Varvatos shirt, Original SWAT boots, Mecanix gloves and hard plastic head cover worn during the season premiere are also available (click here for photos and more information). Check out all of the available items from the Audience channel’s thriller Condor today!