Gabrielle Joubert (Leem Lubany) is a professional killer, and she is very good at her job. She is an elite special forces operative whose body count continues to rise throughout the first season of Condor as she hunts CIA analyst Joe Turner (Max Irons) in an effort to keep buried the secrets he has uncovered. As a paid assassin, Joubert doesn’t concern herself with “Why” her targets have fallen in her sights, until she eventually decides to make the people she works for pay for their sins. To carry out her clandestine assignments, Joubert relies on a series of aliases, and VIP Fan Auctions has acquired her Jordanian passport and identification card identifying her as Laila A.F. Husseini, and is offering this key piece of Condor to the fan who places the winning bid! The documents feature her photo, vital statistics and Arabic writing. Click here for photos of the passport and ID (pictured), and join the bidding today – but hurry! This auction ends soon.