Ben Hur Chariot Race

Although movie making technology is way more advanced than when they made the original Ben Hur movie in 1956, they will not be using CGI in the famous chariot race. It’s easy to rely on CGI and other special effects when creating action packed scenes, but they wanted it to look as real  as possible and look and feel like the original race scene. For the upcoming Ben Hur movie, they chose to shoot an actual chariot race with out CGI assistance, and they have a video to prove it.

In the video the actors share their experience shooting the scene and from the footage of them capturing the scene it looks very real. Jack Huston who will be playing the lead role as Ben Hur said that every time we see the horses that will be them actually with the horses. They built a full track and they are pulling four real horses on a chariot. The films director Timur Bekmambetov said the scene was very scary to shoot because they’re riding at fast speeds and there are no brakes and no airbags.

Just like in the original Ben-Hur movies, the 2016 remake will feature Judah Ben-Hur (played by Jack Huston) going up against his childhood friend, Messala (played by Toby Kebbell), in a dangerous, high-stakes chariot race.

Along with the new featurette they released a new trailer, providing a deeper look at the third movie adaptation of Lew Wallace’s 1880 novel, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ. Just like the first trailer, we get a look at Ben-Hur’s past, his life as a slave and him returning to get his revenge, all with some Morgan Freeman narration. However, one of the main differences is the focus on Jesus Christ (played by Rodrigo Santoro). Jesus gives Ben-Hur water when he’s at his weakest as a slave, and near the end of the trailer, Ben tries to rescue Jesus before he is crucified, but the latter stops him, saying he gives his life of his own free will. While the 1956 adaptation had a small role for Jesus Christ, this trailer makes it clear that Jesus Christ will have a much larger presence in this story.

Ben-Hur hits theatres on August 12.