The best of 2010

Add The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer and St. Louis Post-Dispatch among the media outlets proclaiming “Mad Men” as the best show on television in 2010. The Plain Dealer TV critic Mark Dawidziak ranked “Mad Men” the best drama of 2010, noting “No other series digs quite so deeply or provocatively into the American psyche and culture.” Post-Dispatch critic Gail Pennington called “Mad Men” the hour of television that I find closest to perfection: intelligent, always involving and continually surprising.”

Among dramas, The Plain Dealer ranked “Dexter” fourth (“Topping last season’s serial killer showdown between Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) and Arthur Mitchell (former Akronite John Lithgow) was not an option. But producers came up with a fifth season that was every bit as engrossing and brilliant”) and “Breaking Bad” seventh ([“Bryan Cranston’s] portrayal of Walter White, the mild-mannered chemistry teacher turned drug dealer, is as disturbingly mesmerizing as ever). The Post-Dispatch called “Breaking Bad,” which it ranked second, “darkly comic and deeply tragic.”

Time for you to sound off – what are your picks for the best series of 2010?