The year 2154 is a dangerous time on Earth – and heavy artillery is a key to survival. Fans of director Neill Blomkamp’s hit film Elysium, however, have an amazing opportunity to claim their own piece of futuristic firepower today thanks to VIP Fan Auctions. Created specifically for Elysium by the visual-effects masterminds at WETA , this screen-used Heavy SMG hi-rez prop rifle features a yellow GKR logo near the shoulder rest, silver accents and some signs of use from production. Don’t let this piece of movie history – especially a prop created by WETA – get away. Click here for photos and more information – and place your bid today. The auction ends soon.

Of course, if you’re looking for a futuristic blaster that’s a little more nimble and easier to handle, click here to see a yellow-and-black tazer prop pistol – also created by WETA – used on-screen in Elysium!