Black Sails doesn’t return to Starz till early next year, but fans of the epic pirate adventure can relive all the memories of last season via the third season Blu-ray and DVD release next month. The release will include all of the season three episodes and some additional features.

One of the features is a spotlight on “The Storm,” one of the most distressing events of the season. In this exclusive clip, cast members Toby Stephens and Tom Hoper, director Lukas Ettlin, co-creator Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine, and stunt coordinator Franz Spilhaus reveal some of the factors that went into filming this incredible scene. Despite what many may expect, some practical effects and a titling deck were used to create the illusion of the storm. And the threats of each character were carefully chosen by the show’s creative team.

The other features in the DVD and Blu-ray are:

  • “Black Sails” Season Two Recap
  • Blackbeard: An 18th Century Pirate
  • A Pirate’s Last Words
  • Woodes Rogers
  • Inside the World of “Black Sails“

Black Sails: The Complete Third Season will be released on Tuesday, November 8.