Luke Roberts will star in 'Ransom' Series

Black Sails star Luke Roberts (Woodes Rogers) is set to start in CBS and Entertainment One’s ‘Ransom’. Filming will begin soon in both Canada and Europe with the producers currently aiming for a 2017 premiere. Season one of the series will have 13, hour-long episodes.

‘Ransom’ follows the life of crisis and hostage negotiator, Eric Beaumont (Luke Roberts). He and his team serve as the final measure when a mission is deemed a failure by any other means. Eric is extremely astute when it comes to reading criminals. He uses this insight to rectify some of the most difficult ransom and kidnapping cases in the world, and he hates to resort to violence as a solution.

His apparent knack for human psychology may help him at work, but it doesn’t always help his relationships with family and friends. It’s hard for people in his life to decipher whether he is being genuine, or whether he is just trying to get something that he wants.

We’ll see soon enough what Ransom has in store! Stay tuned for more updates from VIP.