The video is a new inside look on the upcoming season of Black Sails. They discuss the new pirate Ned Low and expanding on the world by giving a back-story and more details on the world of Black Sails. Also, spoiler alert it will show where the new location the show will be taking the viewers.

Ned Low is a representation of the lawless nature of the time period and the brutal ways of conducting his business and how he won’t hesitate to killing people. He has a distinguishing look with a scar under his discolored eye. Another new character being introduced is Abigail Ash. Jonathan E. Steinberg, the co-creator of the show, said that the character will be a hostage at first, but then will become a very important piece in civilizing Nassau. Her father is the Governor of the Carolina colony and this made her a bargaining chip for her captors. They want to send her back to her father to win his support. Captain Flint will be shown in a more detailed way explaining what the driving force is for him, as they explore his past in more detail.