Do not wash this shirt!

Authentic props and wardrobe items from movie and TV shows are definitely conversation starters, but there is now a screen-worn shirt from 24 available, which – if you wear it in public – will pretty much guarantee that you’ll be left alone. If you remember the final season of 24 – the episode that takes place between 11 p.m. and midnight – Jack Bauer is being mercilessly tortured by one of Bazhaev’s goons and his stab wound is reopened in the painful process. Jack’s shirt quickly becomes stained with his own blood, and while he (spoiler alert!) ultimately kills his torturer, he can’t save his white cotton shirt. That very shirt – bloodstains and all – did survive the series, however, and is now available for auction to the most devoted (albeit maybe a little demented) fan! Check out this and other auctions here.