Golden Days for Boys and Girls, that’s the title of the first episode of Boardwalk Empire Season 5.

We know that as the series wraps and moves towards the Great Depression, the golden days are coming to a close. Whether or not the title is ironic, we know that things are beginning to go south. Richard is dead, Nucky is losing control and Chalkie is on the ropes. We’re seeing these characters in a light that we never have before.  Luciano plays a major role in the trailer. We know that in American History he is famous for creating the Commission and because of this he’s widely accepted as the father of organized crime. Things in Atlantic City are going south, while things in New York are heating up. Capone is losing his head, especially since the death of his brother.

Chaos will ensue in the 5th and final season of Boardwalk Empire on September 7th on HBO.

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