Boardwalk Empire’s Terrence Winter wasn’t always a movie man. In fact, his initial career path took him down the legal path.

As a successful lawyer, he suddenly felt the urge to do something new with his life. He made the move out to Hollywood and never looked back. After a slow start in writing, he finally broke through into a Warner’s TV writer’s workshop.

In this interview conducted by Variety on Winter. He talks a lot about staying motivated and not being afraid to be yourself. “It was very clear that the people who were willing to open up their veins and really put their stories out there were the ones who were going to survive the writer’s room” says Winter.

Before Boardwalk, he also served as a producer for the Sopranos; a couple pretty impressive shows for someone who started as an attorney.

The final question of the interview asks Winter if he would do anything differently, and he says “No”. It taught me an important lesson, that is, it’s important to find out what you truly want to do. And also that it’s important to live without regrets. At one point he contemplates whether or not he regrets his time spent as a lawyer. He quickly rescinds that idea, stating, “But it sort of adds up to who you are. I think it worked out pretty well”

Winter is an interesting man to say the least. Check out the interview for more details, and be sure to go back and catch any Boardwalk Empire you might have missed.