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Desperate to prove that his neighbor, Joe Smith (Sylvester Stallone) is the reclusive, thought-to-be-dead superhero Samaritan, Sam (Javon Walton) needs evidence. To find it, Sam breaks into Joe’s apartment and nabs a scrapbook he finds in a closet filled with newspaper clippings of Samaritan’s heroics. It doesn’t take long before Joe comes knocking on Sam’s door, however, and demands it back. Now with the film Samaritan streaming on Amazon Prime Video and the world knowing Joe’s secret identity, VIP Fan Auctions has taken possession of the screen-used scrapbook (pictured) and is making it available to the fan who places the winning bid. The scrapbook (click here for photos and more information) has an ornate leather cover and includes the news clippings. Also available is a “stunt” version of the scrapbook, which also features the same design and clippings (click here). Visit the Samaritan auction site today to all the available props and wardrobe from the gritty new superhero flick today!