“We have a term in America for women who get paid for sex, and it is not ‘daughter-in-law,’” Lynette Scavo (played by Felicity Huffman) quips during the sixth season Desperate Housewives episode “We All Deserve to Die” of her son Preston’s fiancé. Never underestimate a mother’s instincts. With family tension boiling as Preston announces his intention to marry the lovely Irina Korsakov (played by Helena Mattsson) – an international grifter who (in addition to already being married) has a history of swindling her young suitors, Lynette is able to expose the scheme before the wedding, leaving a dazzling wedding gown unused. Irina’s loss will be one Desperate Housewives fan’s gain, however, as VIP Auctions is offering the entire ensemble – gown, tiara, corset and veil – to the highest bidder. Don’t miss your opportunity to own this unique piece of Desperate Housewives wardrobe, straight from Wisteria Lane! Click here for photos and place your bid today. The auction is ending soon!