Has anyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance between Buddy Garrity (Brad Leland) and son, Buddy Junior (Jeff Rosick). In real life, that wouldn’t be so odd, but in series television…not so much. Following Buddy’s affair with Angela Collette (Dana Wheeler-Nicholson) in Season 1, he and his wife, Pam(Merrilee McCommas), divorced. Buddy Junior, then played by Joey Truty, moved with his mother to California. This season, the teenage rebellion proved to be too much and Buddy Junior has been shipped back to west Texas. After a drunken binge at Dad’s new bar, he’s become an East Dillon Lion and fast friends with his new teammates. His recovery of an onside kick was the highlight of his first game. The post-game debauchery and his altering of the hotel’s sign were memorable moments from last week’s episode. Bid now until May 24th on Buddy Junior’s complete #42 away uniform at vipfanauctions.com