The blueprints used by the Stargate Universe production team to design the short-distance transport shuttles for the Destiny crew are now on the auction block at VIP Fan Auctions. Provided by the Stargate universe production team, the set of 30 plans – many of which are original pencil sketches – includes drawings and dimensions for the following:

  • Shuttle Lighting Addendums
  • Shuttle Corridor/Airlock Door Gak Panel
  • Shuttle Crew Seating Chair Detail
  • Shuttle Plan
  • Shuttle Reflected Change Plan
  • Shuttle Sections/Det
  • Int Shuttle Wall Detail
  • Center Console Plan
  • Shuttle Cockpit Plans (Rear window, Console Perspectives, Cockpit Renders)
  • Airlock Plan and Elevation
  • Shuttle Corridor Details
  • Overhead Door Details


These unique pieces of Stargate production will not only provide a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating the SGU world – it also literally provides you with a blueprint to build your own shuttle (inter-dimensional technology sold separately)!  Check out the plans and other Stargate items directly from the set of SGU at VIP Fan Auctions.