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For two mind-blowing seasons on Netflix, the cyberpunk saga Altered Carbon was storing digital human freight to transfer memories and consciousness from one sleeve – er, body – to another after death… unless you had the means to avoid the indignities of aging. The meticulous series based on the novel by Richard K. Morgan caught the eye of a devoted fan base during its 18 episodes, and now VIP Fan Auctions is uncorking its cortical stacks to unleash a flood of Altered Carbon props, wardrobe and weaponry to Meths, Envoys and all fans in between. Click here to check out VIP’s 2021 Spring Entertainment Memorabilia Auction Event for distinctive pieces ranging from the rugged – Colonel Carrera’s screen-used knife (click here for photos and more info) and body armor (pictured, click here) – to refined, such as Danica Harlan’s silver Alexander Wang stillettos (click here) and her custom purple-and-white suit (click here). Visit VIP Fan Auctions to see all the available Altered Carbon relics – and much more!