Hugh Jackman Wolverine
Future Chappie star Hugh Jackman told IGN in an interview, that he would love to see a crossover between X-Men and The Avengers. His dream superhero movie would involve Wolverine appearing in a future Avengers picture. He believes that there is a great dysfunction among that team and he would fit right into that mold.

He also called out a certain angry green giant, and emphasized that they certainly would fight at some point. He said “that those two bad, rage filled characters are going to square off at some point. It would be quite fun.” He can’t deny that an Avengers vs X-Men movie would be an epic big screen adaptation. The one problem with this exciting and epic plan is that Fox owns the X-Men franchise and Disney/Marvel have control of the Avengers franchise, not even Wolverines claws are strong enough to cut through this studio red tape.