CNN reports that A Million Ways To Die in The West is hilarious. Love him or hate him, the film is actually pretty funny. From his obsession with Rat Pack swizzle-stick showmanship to his undeniably cleverness, MacFarlane is clearly not afraid to borrow from his betters. Yet, he made it his own and made a raunchy and postmodern mischief, fun movie. MacFarlane, who wrote the script with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, keep the jokes coming through out the film. And for every two jokes that don’t land, two hit the bullseye. Also, one of the lead actresses, Charlize Theron, displayed a set of stunning razor sharp comedic chops that we rarely get to see from her. The film further emphasizes MacFarlane is a true outrageous quick draw satirist. CNN gave the film a B.
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