In an article titled “Friday Night Lights life lessons: You are going to fail,” Salon.com has compiled a list of life lessons gleaned from the philosophy and teachings of Coach Eric Taylor. Expounding on tips like, “If you’re going to lose, lose honorably” and “Get rid of that pride, boy,” the website chronicles the wisdom of the coach. “Coach Eric Taylor has imparted five years of wisdom, not all of it about football,” the Salon columnist Drew Grant writes. “There is no moral or ethical slip that goes unpunished on Friday Night Lights… And while that could turn another type of show into a real downer, Coach T. is always there to pick you up when you fall … as long as your hubris doesn’t stand in the way.” Don’t let the series end this Friday night without taking home a piece of it – check out the props and wardrobe auctions from the series at VIP Fan Auctions.