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Missouri’s money launderer extraordinaire Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) is (usually) unflappable. When the FBI, drug cartel, local idiots and the cutthroat heroin kingpins next door are looking to upset his carefully crafted world, Marty simply takes a beat and responds with a convincing argument to avoid imminent harm. How does he remain so cool, calm and collected? It’s got to be the robe. Nothing lowers stress like comfortable loungewear, and VIP Fan Auctions is offering Marty’s screen-worn robe (pictured) from the third-season Ozark episode “It Came from Michoacan” (click here for photos and more information) when he visits the horse barn. The gray cotton Pottery Barn robe may be the coziest piece of Ozark wardrobe – and it’s available to the winning bidder. In addition, Marty dons a new blue Nordstrom robe in Ozark season 4 (click here). To see additional pieces of Ozark props, wardrobe and more, visit VIP Fan Auctions today!