In a town like Defiance, packing a sidearm seems like a necessity – which is probably why visitors are supposed to surrender their weapons upon entry. VIP Fan Auctions, however, doesn’t abide by those rules and is offering fans a choice of two models – a silver cold-fire prop pistol used on-screen in multiple episodes (pictured above) and a Von Bach particle overmag rifle featured on-screen in Season 3. Editor’s note: You don’t have to be a Volge to harness the bionics of the cold-fire pistol, but it may help. To see all of the available Defiance props and wardrobe items, including the weapons noted above (using the salvage matrix to personalize or modify the weapon is up to you), click here to visit the Defiance auction page and stake your claim to a piece of the groundbreaking, multi-platform Syfy series today!