As Eureka fans prepared to watch the final episode of the Syfy series on July 16, star Colin Ferguson, who played Sheriff Jack Carter for the Eureka’s five spectacular seasons, was traveling back in time to the very beginning as he shared his memories of auditioning for the series and his feelings of utter uncertainty during the first season in a brief essay for the New York Daily News. “We shot the first thirteen episodes in a vacuum, playing with the weird tone that the show had. “Is this working? Am I going to regret some of these choices when I see the thing?” he writes. “No one really had any idea at that point.” Ferguson shares the angst of his audition, his debut at the San Diego Comic-Con to host a screening of the series premiere (“I only stayed five minutes because watching myself with a thousand other people is not the most comfortable thing in the world”), and the opportunities Eureka has given him. Check out the entire essay by clicking here – and stake a claim to your own memories of Eureka and Sheriff Carter by placing a bid on one of the screen-used Eureka props and wardrobe items now available at VIP Fan Auctions. Currently on the auction block is Sheriff Carter’s framed display of badges straight from his office wall, virtual reality headsets used in seasons four and five – and even the Santa suit worn by Jim Taggart (Matt Frewer) in the fourth season epiode “O Little Town.” Click here to see all the great Eureka auctions and get in on the bidding today!