It seems only fitting that a world in which people have super powers would have comic book stores – if nothing else, as a source of How To manuals for learning to adjust to their special abilities. Comic book fans in this timeline, however, have their own special ability not only add to their collections, but to do so with the comic books featured on-screen in multiple episodes of Heroes. VIP Fan Auctions is now offering two sets of comic books –15 issues of Marvel’s X-Force and X-Factor and four issues of Red Circle’s (a division of Archie Comics) The Mighty Crusaders – featured in the third-season episode “The Eclipse: Part II.” Not only are these comics a great read, they have the added cachet of being part of one of the most original superhero television shows of all time! Check out the details and see other screen-used Heroes props and wardrobe items but clicking here.  Place your bid today!