It should be good to be the queen, yet The Royals’ most devious of the Henstridge family blend their lives of luxury with perpetual discontent. When it comes to their wardrobe, however, comfort rules the day as Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and Prince Cyrus (Jake Maskall) relax after grueling day of ruling in cozy robes, which VIP Fan Auctions is now offering to fans. The Queen’s pink La Perla silk robe and nightie were last seen in her closet (click here for photos and more information) and Cyrus’s black and gold robe was featured on-screen in the third season of The Royals (click here for photos and more information). Both are ready for life outside the castle along with the last remaining pieces of The Royals wardrobe items. Click here for a last chance to drape yourself in royal comfort and style!