When challenger Adonis Johnson (Michael B. Jordan) squared off against champion Pretty Ricky Conlan (Tony Bellew) in the climactic bout in Creed, it was the most epic fight since a couple of young heavyweights named Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed first fought 40 years earlier. The fight was brutal and bloody as both boxers pulverized the other until the final bell. To know who won the title, you have to watch the critically acclaimed film – but to own the trademark boxing trunks each fighter wore on-screen in Creed, you have to get in on the bidding at VIP Fan Auctions. The star-spangled trunks worn by Adonis are a tribute to his late father and feature the name “Creed” on the front (along with some stage blood) and “Johnson” on the back (click here for photos and more information). The loincloth-style trunks worn by Conlan are black with a blue-and-white Everton shield, the British flag and WBC logo with “Conlan” on the front (click here for more information and photos). Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to own one – or both – of the main event fighters’ trunks from Creed. They are a part of Hollywood and sports-movie history!