As the April 12 series finale of Spartacus grows closer, fans still have an opportunity to claim a custom-made piece of the groundbreaking series – and several key elements of fallen hero Crixus (Manu Bennett). VIP Fan Auctions is offering one of the coolest gladiator helmets ever imagined – and worn on-screen by Manu Bennett  – in three pivotal episodes of the first season click here for photos). Also available is Crixus’ belt, greaves and leg pads worn on-screen (Crixus (Bennett) is pictured above carrying the helmet and wearing the greaves). All of the items have been designed specifically for the series by the Spartacus props and wardrobe departments. Of course, there are still a few hours left to place a bid on a complete costume worn by Crixus during the current season, but this auction is ending Tuesday, so click here for more information or to get in on the bidding now!

For all of the available Spartacus props and wardrobe items, click here!