If those evil geniuses at Omnicorp can build an army of EM-208 androids and make them available to anyone in future Detroit, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to stalk a mile in a cyborg’s shoes. In fact, VIP Fan Auctions is making it easy for the Robocop fan who places the winning bid on an EM-208 suit used for visual effects shots in the 2014 film. The suit includes a data-capture suit used for creating visual effects, a beacon bracelet with the Omnicorp logo, a wearable EM-208 helmet, check and back plates, two shoulder pieces, two forearm pieces, two thigh pieces, gloves and foot pieces. Click here to see photos of the EM-208 components and for more information. It may not give you the firepower of the weaponized cyborgs, but you’ll definitely turn some heads when you mow the lawn in your EM-208 gear.