The Gunslinger may have been born into an alternate wasteland of a world where radiation and demons run amok, but when Jake (Tom Taylor) tells Roland (Idris Elba) that he’s going to like modern-day New York with its abundance of firearms – he is absolutely right. Watching the Gunslinger enter a gun shop is like watching the proverbial kid in a candy store – and now VIP Fan Auctions is returning the favor by bringing a cache of Roland’s screen-used pistols to our world. Three of Roland’s prop guns used on-screen in The Dark Tower are currently available – two comprised of hard rubber and one made of soft rubber. All of the guns have been exquisitely designed to look authentic on the screen – and key props from this long-awaited screen version of the Stephen King epic. Don’t miss out on owning an authentic piece of the Gunslinger’s arsenal – click here to see all of the available Dark Tower props and wardrobe items and get in on the bidding before it’s too late!