There are at least three great reasons you should bid right away on the Darth Maul costume that Mark Wahlberg (as John Bennett) wore on-screen in the comedy blockbuster Ted: It’s distinctive; it’s a really cool piece of genuine movie wardrobe; and the auction is literally ending in hours! A nod to the ongoing collaboration between Star Wars mastermind George Lucas and Family Guy/Ted mastermind Seth MacFarlane, the scene of Wahlberg’s character dressed in full costume as Darth Maul and Ted (voiced by MacFarlane)as Yoda standing in an opening-night movie theater line is as unforgettable as it is funny. And the opportunity to own Wahlberg’s costume – including boots, tunic, gloves, belt, pants and more (click here for details) – is a dream come true for fans of Ted and Star Wars. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity – bid now! Before it’s too late.