Based on the best-selling novel Six Days of the Condor and the hit 1975 film Three Days of the Condor, the DirecTV Audience channel’s thriller Condor is giving fans countless days of CIA intrigue for a modern world. For a clandestine organization, however, the CIA seems to offer a lot of star power, including William Hurt (The Incredible Hulk), Mira Sorvino (Romi and Michele’s high School Reunion) and box-office heavy hitter Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) as well as a talented cast of up-and-coming stars. VIP Fan Auctions is giving fans of the series a chance to claim a piece of Condor’s first-season action by offering props and wardrobe featured on-screen, including Nathan Fowler’s (Brandon Fraser) hat, shirt, pants, shoes and belt (pictured, click here for photos and more information); Deacon Mailer’s (Angel Bonanni) SWAT uniform, which includes his shirt, mask, belt, gloves and pants (click here for more information), or Sharla Shepard’s (Christina Marie Moses) green dress and shoes (click here). Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of Condor – visit the show’s auction site today to check out all the available props and wardrobe items!