Fans of the Defiance TV series have a chance to own the screen used “Law-keeper” prop Chargers at the official NBC Universal Defiance auctions. VIP Fan Auctions will offer the customized prop Chargers for auction starting with the first on March 8th (Bid Now) and the second car on March 15th at

The two 2012 Dodge Chargers, were co-developed by the Defiance prop department, in partnership with Dodge, for use in the Syfy series which is set in 2046.  The vehicles were modified to give them the weathered, rugged look of the “Law-keeper vehicles.  The modifications include photographic vinyl decals that simulated bullet holes, gashes and scratches that were applied to the vehicle. You can see how these modifications were designed and how the treatments were applied in this video “Making of Defiance Chapter 5: Vehicles”.

Here are some photos of the first prop vehicle that will be auctioned on April 8th. Please view the actual listing for more detail and information here.


Here are the photos for the second prop vehicle being offered on April 15th. Be sure to check the actual listing when it is available at here.


Here’s the original Dodge Charger Television ad that featured the Defiance “Law-keeper” Cars.