The most terrifying college mascot on the planet – on and off campus – is Wallace University’s Red Devil. Not only does the Red Devil strike an imposing presence on Scream Queens, but it is also known to literally kill students in shockingly gruesome and creative ways. Several of the Red Devil’s screen-used murder weapons, including his 13.5-in. butcher knife and stunt knife set (click here for photos and more information) featured in multiple episodes of the first season of Scream Queens, as well as a pair of the Red Devil’s 34-in. axes (one stunt axe and one metal, pictured, click here for photos and more details). VIP Fan Auctions is also offering one of Scream Queens’ Red Devil costumes worn on-screen in multiple episodes (click here for info). Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of Scream Queens – and one of the best TV villains in the comedy-horror genre. Click here to see all the available Scream Queens props and wardrobe auctions today!