The Red Devil was one of the most infamous killers in prime time during the breakout first season of Scream Queens. The murderous school mascot of fictional Wallace University, several people donned the costume to carry out gruesome attacks with a wide range of weapons from lawnmowers to hedge clippers – eventually leading to it being replaced as the face of the school by “Coney,” a far less menacing ice cream cone (spoiler alert: the Red Devil exacts his revenge in the aptly titled “Chainsaw” episode, pictured). During the course of Scream Queens, the Red Devil racked up more than a dozen victims with Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) the only one to escape… or did she? While the fate of the Red Devil is unknown, VIP Fan Auctions is offering one Scream Queens fan an opportunity to claim the mascot’s suit. The complete, screen-worn Red Devil stunt costume includes the mask, cape, chest plate, pants, gloves, shoes and boot covers (pictured) – and it’s now available to the winning bidder. Click here for photos and more information, and claim a notorious piece of TV history today!