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Global superstar Jennifer Lopez plays streetwise stripper-turned-grifter Ramona in the 2019 movie Hustlers, but when the economy takes a nosedive, the wealthy clientele at the club slow their spending habits. Rather than crossing a line to keep the money flowing, she devises a scheme to keep herself and the other dancers flush with cash. The money is good, too, based on her wardrobe – including the shirt and full-length purple-and-orange (faux) fur vest she wears in the film during a scene in which she has to come to the aid of one of her fellow hustlers, Dawn. Now VIP Fan Auctions is sharing the wealth by auctioning this distinctive piece of wardrobe (click here for photos and more information) worn on-screen by J-Lo in Hustlers. Click here to join the bidding on this amazing piece of wardrobe – and visit the Hustlers auction site for additional eye-popping wardrobe and accessories from the film!